Captive thoughts

Originally posted on The Trailhead:
Recent weeks have found me exploring zoos, and engaging both the experiences and the questions they pose. There is a lot of very black-and-white sentiment around zoos and captivity, but so far my opinions are muddled, nuanced and dependent on different variables — as is often the case with me. The…

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Below The Rainbow

Rainbows float, raised in midair. Through glides the Benu, alert to such terror. Quietly, he whispers a desperate prayer. Why oh why, world, must you not care. I am begging you, please spare. A mourning dove cries out, have you lost all love? For when you fly below the rainbow, there is no spilled blood.

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Cat Lovers

Although Nala isn’t around anymore, this picture will always make me smile. Nala and Junebug used to snuggle and sunbathe from dusk to dawn, day in, and day out. You could often find them lofting in the hay bales in a cozy little nest. 🐯🍂 Junebug showed up one summer June many years ago. Most […]

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The Tide

Your soul wanders, in, and out, with the tide. Perhaps, if venturesome enough, To faraway places you feel it ought not. The soul, such a strong, yet fragile existence. So easily silenced by the unceasing waves. How daring of you, to inhabit such a thought of your own. Too often you bury these emotions, so utterly free from all preconceived notions. How daring […]

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