Everyday I am puzzled

I can’t seem to find the latch
It clings so desperately to each passing thought

Lately I can’t shake it
It leeches in through my pores
Down each and every hair shaft
Through the dermis

Are you numb?
I thought so
It’s not your fault
Someone wanted you numb
Your senses
Drowned out long ago

Your intuition strategically first

You can’t let them win
I won’t

Stop putting rulers on a pedestal
It will not work

We are an intricate web
La gente
A microcosm

Weย now resemble
Sand particles
Shattered glass

Lost in space

It’s fundamental
The universe exists today
For it discovered harmony

Let go
Before it kills you
Get back to your roots

The ocean is a cesspool
Our water is undrinkable
The most basic needs of life:
a scientific experiment
People need honey simply to enjoy their tea
Please save the bees
Plastic in production
Chemicals run the planet

Asย if life wasn’t perfect before

Masters of psychologicalย warfare

They have dumbed you down
They muse you with their puns
You give them the answers to life
In return they twist an invisible noose around your neck

Whether Black or White

Muslim or Christian

Straight or LGBTQ

We are all the victims of their game

They pull and tug
Blinded by your captor
You fail to see the connection
A beautiful golden bridge
Of value higher than every last drop of gold and oil

Donald Grabs Pussy

Hillary Deletes Emails

Do you not see

these little factoids are not the problem

Your life is their plan

Strategically manufactured to be bland

You seek out indulgences

A chess piece in their game

Vote with your dollar

We must look within

Looking outward has nearly killed us

We must tease our brains

Look to Mother Earth

For she is the keeper of all answers

Reclaim your empathy



Then and only then

Look to your neighbor


Do the work

And Trumpย won’t have to

Trump has been elected

Because of Us

In the last thirty years

Our actions have led us to this very point

The limit

We need change

A change that can only come from deep within


and never stop looking

Find the great qualities you were born with

The great qualities we were All born with

Forget the rest

Don’t listen to the media

Don’t feed the demons

Starve them dry

Replenish the planet

Feed your soul

The only way out

Has never been tried before

Radical change is the only way we can save one another.

Love yourself

Love your neighbors

Love all animals

Cherish your human ability to see and connect with all


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