My Queen

My Queen.

My Mother.

My Home and Lover.

Your children await,

Do please,

Never loose faith.

Your heart must weep,

Your energy depletes.

And so, I call,

All children.

Feel the ground beneath your warm and forgiving feet,

Feel your energy rise,


To awakened-eyes.

Renewed vision in mind;

Our hunger and thirst shall no longer


Mother Earth,

Your crown is in mind.

I, the fruits of you labor,

The roots of your pride,

will never subside.

4 thoughts on “My Queen

  1. I am really impressed with this blog! The layout is clean and sophisticated, and your artistic abilities are really able to shine through. Thanks again for checking out my work, keep up the good work and I hope we can stay in touch – David.

    Liked by 1 person

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