Captive thoughts

The Trailhead

Recent weeks have found me exploring zoos, and engaging both the experiences and the questions they pose.Β There is a lot of very black-and-white sentiment around zoos and captivity, but so far my opinions are muddled, nuanced and dependent on different variables β€” as is often the case with me.

021The most enjoyable part of this has been feeling drawn toΒ specific animals β€” a polar bear here in Indianapolis and in St. Louis, a charismatic gorilla. I have no concerns about keeping some animals, like butterflies, most reptiles, and many smaller creatures, in captivity. I remain uneasyΒ about keeping large, ranging animals in captivity. And with some species, I oppose it entirely. But I also understand that it makes no sense to release an animal into the wild that has always been captive. I also see that evolving standards can ameliorate some of thoseΒ concerns. And finally, I’m all too aware that…

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