Become Your Wildest Dream

Envision your day tomorrow. Envision how it will magically and effortlessly unfold before your eyes. Through this vision manifest happiness, health, and vibrancy. Embrace possibility. Most importantly, love. Never Stop Loving. Sedona- August 2016 -Cathedral Rock 

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Eyes Open

They have us right where they want us Don’t you ever doubt it We are the hungry mouse Always remember The bait is in the house

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Stop putting rulers on a pedestal
Do the work
And Trump won’t have to

We are an intricate web
La gente
A microcosm

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Dear Mountains

The songs you sing me so soothing so lull The mural you’ve painted for me only a dream could unfold You are Sweetness Abundance Nourishment And light You take my breath away  Your touch on my heart so magical so bright I will find a way to save you do not worry   i will fight

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I want to Run Run like the wind Fleeting and Grounded Heel to toe, I step afoot. Toes curled under, I feel the soot. Abandoned ambitions, o’ too long ago conceived. Chest rising, strong and eased. Hold on tight Never recede My fingers grasp, the jonquil flees Carry me away. O’ please, carry me away.    

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My Queen

My Queen. My Mother. My Home and Lover. Your children await, Do please, Never loose faith. Your heart must weep, Your energy depletes. And so, I call, All children. Feel the ground beneath your warm and forgiving feet, Feel your energy rise, Tailbone- To awakened-eyes. Renewed vision in mind; Our hunger and thirst shall no longer Rise. Mother […]

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